Brownstown Estate 

Name: Shane Corbaly

Herd Size: 330 Cows

Parlour: 50 Point Rotary

Technology: Global

"An Excellent addition to the farm"

"Very happy with the milk meters. Its a game changer having 

access to that level of information on individual yields"

"Drafting unit has made life a lot easier with jobs like hoof pairing, 

AI and drying off"

Bradford Down Farm 

Name: James Dovey

Herd Size: 165 Cows

Parlour: Swingover

Technology: ProFarm

"We preferred the Pearson parlour over other makes"

"We liked dealing with the manufacturer, rather than just a sales rep"

"The parlour size layout, its all brilliant. I would really recommend Pearsons"

John Phelan

Name: John Phelan

Herd Size: 160 Cows

Parlour: Rapid Exit

Technology: ProFarm

"I wanted a one-man operation"

"With the heat detection system I definitely have less repeats than last year"

"I dont mind coming to milk anymore, I dont have to leave the pit. 

It is a lot less stressfull on the cow and operator"