Pearson Milking Technology Rotary Parlour

Maximum Performance with Minimum Labour 

To Handle milking on large herd dairies, rotary milking parlours are an efficient use of space, labour and time. With almost constant cluster application and less operator movement, the rotary parlour proves to be one of the fastest ways to milk cows. Incorporating Pearson’s milk meter and Ceres Management Program gives total control over the dairy herd. 

Cow Positioning

The Orbitor 360 rotary platform positions cows at 90 degrees to the operator. Cows enter the platform with ease through the Pearson PACE entrance system,giving smooth continuous flow onto the platform. The 90 degree positioning allows a full view of the udder and teats for ease of preparation and cleaning.


To create the most comfortable milking experience  for the cow while on the rotary platform, each cow has their own bail area and feed trough,   thus preventing bullying  and creating a more relaxed environment for the cow.

Durability and Roller Technology

The platform rotates on nylon rollers, each Roller possesses a high modular density and low coefficient of friction to combine for a 6000kg + load rating. Each roller is spaced 1.5  per bail and has a double ring of RSJ for increased strength and stability.

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