The ACR MK2 is more than just a cluster remover, giving total control per unit in the milking pit. Some of the features of the  MK2 control station is the visual alarms for active hardware and a large indicator light to show the unit is about to remove the cluster from the udder. 


Automatic Lift Start

To start the unit, the cluster just has to be lifted. This turns on vacuum to the unit and starts the pulsation.  Otherwise the start button can be pressed.

Stimulation Pulsation

Once the cluster is applied to the udder, the pulsation rate is increased to massage the teat, thus encouraging a speedier let-down of milk in the cow’s first phase. speeding up the overall milking process.

Pulsation Control

Once the cluster is removed from the cow, the pulsator for that unit stops, allowing the liners and relay to rest until the unit is restarted again. This in turn gives a longer liner life.

Electronic Dump Line

To redirect milk to the dump line, simply press the Dump button. The milk is then sent to a separate jar. Once finished the cluster is removed for the udder.During washing, both milk line valves alternate to send a full flow of water each side.

Net-Wash Control

Once all the clusters are connected to the jetters for washing, one wash button is pressed to start all units washing.

Cluster Flushing

After milking any mastistic milk or after milking an animal which was treated with antibiotics, the cluster associated with that unit can be flushed out with water or chemical with the push of a button, thus helping to prevent cross contamination.