Maximise Cow Flow Exiting the Parlour

The Pearson RED system has been designed to create maximum speed through a herringbone parlour

with inparlour feeding. The RED System incorporates fast entry and fast exit into one complete unit. Fast entry into the parlour occurs from the sequential bailing paddles preventing cows entering a unit half way up the parlour. The cows must go to the first or next available stall to enter a unit. This leads to a fast loading time for each row.

The Fast exit speed comes from the feeding trough system in front of the cows lifting up allowing the cows walk straight out in front, clearing the milking platform in a matter of seconds. One of the features of the RED System is the sequential bailing paddles don’t lift up with the trough system. 

This allows two advantages :

  1. The cows walk out much straighter when exiting the milking platform and do not turn left or right onto the cow stand area.

  2. The entrance gate may be opened to let in the next row of cows as the trough is lowering into its closed position.


A fully galvanised construction manufactured to the last against everyday handling of dairy cows. The rapid exit system is fabricated from heavy gauge black steel and is then hot dipped galvanised. The trough in front of the cows may be supplied with either moulded plastic or stainless steel.


The sequential paddle system incorporated into the rapid exit system creates an individual unit for the cow once she is loaded. This is a benefit in any feeding parlour to prevent pushing or bullying and creates excellent cow control giving a comfortable environment for the cow and operator.


Once the cows are milked, the manger system lifts up to allow cows to exit the parlour without obstructions. The sequential paddles close behind them allowing the next row to enter. Once the cows have cleared the manger system it is lowered into its closed position and a new row starts to enter.