Herringbone Pearson Milking Parlour

The Pearson range of herringbone milking parlours have been developed to incorporate all the recent farm technology changes in milk production.

The straight-line design of the rump rails enables rapid entry and exit of cows into and out of their correct milking positions.  We at PEARSON believe it is better to make the cow come to the operator rather than the operator go to the cow. To achieve this PEARSON position the cows in the milking parlour in such a way that the cow’s rump overhangs the pit line. PEARSON offer two rump rail designs, THE CLEARVIEW  and  THE HERRINGBONE SBS.

Cow Positioning

Both Clearview and SBS stall work allow 2’2” to 2’ 6” cow standing. The tapered rump rail construction and height over the cow stand allows faster cluster application due to clearer access to the udder. The straight rail design gives faster cow entry and is more comfortable for different cow sizes.   


The tapered rump rail overhangs the pit edge reducing the reach of the operator for cluster attachment. With the cows legs close to the pit edge, the Pearson folded kerb rail gives a strong barrier, preventing cows putting their hoofs into the pit.


All Pearson Rump Rails are made from black heavy gauge steel and end up as a fully galvanized construction, engineered for fast efficient installation, and supplied with support trusses and front guide rails to minimize construction costs.