SmartTag Pearson Milking Technology

Pearson SmartTag

1- to - 1 attention, no matter how many animals you have. 

Attention to individual level is the key to optimal performance from your animals  But what do you do if you have 100, 500 or 1000 cows? Or maybe even 5000 cows? That’s when you need Pearsons Heat Detection with Health Monitoring. This gives your animals optimal, 1-to-1 attention no matter how many animals you have or how big you expect to grow your farm. 

With Pearson Heat detection with Health Monitoring you can track individual animals and take preventive action if necessary. Always knowing the current state of health of your animals and accurate heat detection will save you time and money, and you can once again work 1-to-1 on the performance of animals every day. 

Infographic Pearon Milking Technology SmartTag

Why choose Pearson Heat Detection with Health Monitoring

  • Pearson SmarTag Neck and Leg provides the most accurate heat detection with health monitoring in the world, 24/7.
  • Advanced technology: can be viewed anytime, anywhere, robust with long service life. 
  • Fast payback period thanks to more control of animal health and (re)production. 
  • Pearson SmartTag can also be used for beef cattle.

In short, indispensable to anyone wanting to achieve more with their dairy or beef cattle.

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