Pearson Milking Technology in Ireland 70+ Years

Developing Milking Solutions Since 1948

Founded by Eric Pearson in 1948 in Ireland, the company started supplying bucket milking plants to Irish dairy farmers, Once herds started to increase, Pearson introduced herringbone parlours with master pulsation.

In 1970 Pearson increased milking speed and reduced maintenance by designing a large bore 4 x 1 pulsator. This innovation prompted exports into the European market.

The early 1980s saw the introduction of Pearson milking parlours into the Middle East and onto farms milking in excess of 2500 cows.

Pearson expanded their product range by manufacturing In- Parlour Feed Systems to meet the demands of the Irish and UK dairy farmer.

In the 1990s relations started with a Dutch electronics company to produce complete farm management systems for milk meters and cow identification.

2008 saw the introduction of the Galaxy Starline milking Robot to the Market.

This completed the package giving Pearson the range to provide dairy farmers with the most suitable solutions and efficient products for all types of dairy farming today.